Julianna Laverdiere 

Producer - Cinematographer - Director 

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Julianna graduated from Emerson College with a BFA in Visual and Media Arts and a concentration in cinematography. She also has passion for writing and directing narratives as well as music videos and documentaries. 

At Emerson College, Julianna worked on various short films as a cinematographer, but also had a hand in producing projects. As a Producer, she won an EVVY, along with her team, for their Outstanding Web Series Save the People and was nominated, along with her team, for Outstanding Cinematic Achievement for the short film Dog Days. She is also EVVY nominated for Outstanding Single Camera Direction for her thesis project Body Bound, a short film she wrote and directed. Body Bound's Director of Photography, Carl Stewart, won the EVVY for Outstanding Cinematography. 

Julianna recently moved to LA where she works freelance as a Camera Assistant and PA but aspires to work professionally as a Cinematographer. Julianna is open to new connections, and building relationships with progressive filmmakers and artists, so, reach out about anything! 

AC/PA Inquiries: jroselaver@gmail.com

DP/Dir./Prod. Inquiries: laverdierefilms@gmail.com

Cell: 978-406-1775

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